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My mission is to work with people of all income and wealth levels to help them take control of their finances so that they can make good decisions and experience peace and abundance.

I believe that money is a tool to help us live lives that reflect our deepest values and beliefs as well as our goals and priorities.

“Money is a good servant but a bad master.” ~ Aristodemus

– Do you feel overwhelmed by having to make financial decisions?
– Are you unsure who you can trust when it comes to money?
– Do you know you need to do something but are unsure where to start?
– Is now the time for you to learn about and take control over your finances?
If this sounds like you, welcome.

Sometimes managing your money is difficult;
there are so many choices and, even though
there is a lot of information,
it’s hard to know if any of it is right for you.
In fact, many of my clients
who are engineers or analysts
are hesitant to hire someone else
to help them with their money.
Maybe because they fear being sold
something they don’t need or want.
I’ve created a business that
caters to those of you who
want to learn more about money
without handing the financial reins
over to someone else.

There are numerous websites from financial experts that provide you with financial information.

I provide a way for you to fully understand the information – the practical as well as the emotional aspects of money – so you can move forward with focus and confidence, making wise and beneficial financial decisions.

There are two aspects of money: The Quantitative (the numbers) and the Qualitative (the story) and three areas that must all align: Functional, Emotional and Social.

Functionally you must understand the numbers and variables affecting your financial results. This includes analysis and research.

Emotionally you must recognize that money gets to a tender place in all of us. Let’s focus on your life goals, your values and priorities so you can feel both secure and free.

Socially you must accept that there is a social element to your financial decisions and results. I’ll teach you how to make intentional choices that align with your values that are free from outside influence.