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Fee Only Financial Planning, Coaching & Guidance

How do you finance your version of “The Good Life” without going into debt? How can you feel secure about your financial future and experience peace and abundance now?

You put a plan in place.

Whether you need a working budget, a comprehensive “big picture” analysis or just a few hours of guidance, I can help you understand your situation & your options and help you move forward.

My approach prevents clients from wasting time and money on products and services they may not need and guides them to make good, confident decisions with the resources they have.

Services & Pricing

Financial Clarity Session - $250
One hour focused on gaining clarity around financial perspectives, choices and decisions.
Financial Freedom Kick-start Package - $500 single $800 married

This package is for those of you who need to get control over your money right now and need some strategies that are easy to understand and put into place.

In this package you will receive a customized cash flow plan for the year to help you focus on managing your spending, increasing your savings, and reducing your debt (if applicable).

We will meet three times for one hour each.

1. Our initial meeting is to determine your goals, needs, and values and for you to share your information with me (assets, liabilities, income & expenses).

Between our first and second meeting I will analyze your situation and create a plan of action.

2. Our second meeting is to go over the recommended strategies to kick-start your financially empowered future.

3. Our third meeting will take place roughly 6 weeks after our second meeting during which you have time to digest and reflect upon the recommendations, work on implementing the strategies and, at our meeting, provide feedback if unforeseen obstacles have been encountered or if a change of strategy is in order.

Retirement Saving Smart Start - $500 per person

This plan is for the person who wants to start contributing to a retirement savings plan such as a 401(k)/403(b)/457(b)/SIMPLE plan through their employer.

Your plan will help you determine:

How much you can reasonably afford to contribute to the plan.
How much employer matching contribution is available, if any.
Whether or contribute on a traditional (pre-tax) or Roth (after-tax) basis.
Which investment options would be suitable, given your risk tolerance and risk capacity.

We will meet once for 45-60 minutes to review your contributions and the plan’s investment options.

The Family Financial Fundamentals Plan - $2000+ (fee may be more based on complexity)

This comprehensive financial plan aligns and integrates your values and priorities with your financial resources so you can provide for and protect your family financially.

This plan includes ideas, suggestions and alternatives to help you:

1. Manage and improve your cash flow, reduce income taxes, reduce debt, and increase your net worth.

2. Determine your financial responsibilities in the event of your disability or death, the resources you have in place and the resources needed (income, assets, insurance) to meet your obligations.

3. Identify the retirement savings plan most appropriate for you and also your risk tolerance and risk capacity in order to develop an asset allocation for your retirement plan investments.

4. Identify basic estate planning strategies for your financial situation and family structure.

Two meetings are included: One to review the plan & recommended strategies and one follow up appointment.

Financial Freedom Makeover Package - 12 Step / One Year Program $2700 per person

I’ve created this unique one year program to help you re-write your financial life story using the proven 12 step program used by other organizations.

Through this process you will learn how to mindfully manage your spending, strategically decrease your debt, diligently increase your savings, and eliminate “money leaks” so you can do more of the things that matter to you in life and have peace of mind about your financial situation.

During the course of our work together:

You will communicate your needs, values, goals and obstacles and share your financial information.

I will listen to you, analyze your financial situation and provide ideas, suggestions and alternatives to improve your financial situation and be willing to revisit strategies to find the best fit for you. In addition, I will collaborate with your other advisors and counselors with your permission and upon request.

We will identify your sources of income, discuss spending, saving, and debt reduction and address how your financial decisions have affected your relationships and how you will choose differently going forward.

Financially Empowered Future Package - $2500+ single, $3000 - $6000+ married (fee may be more based on complexity)

This customized comprehensive financial plan aligns and integrates your values and priorities with your financial resources so you can move forward confidently. It is suitable for anyone from the beginning of their career to within a year of retirement.

Your plan will include analysis of and recommendations (ideas, suggestions & alternatives) for:

1. Managing and improving your cash flow, reducing income taxes (now and in the future), reducing debt, increasing savings and increasing your net worth.

2. Determining your financial responsibilities in the event of your disability, death or long-term health care need, the resources in place and the resources needed to meet your obligations.

3. Identifying your risk tolerance and risk capacity to develop an asset allocation for your investments that will help you achieve your goals and invest with your values.

4. Defining and financing your vision of retirement, including an analysis of Social Security and pension plan benefits.

Financially Independent Retirement - $1500+ single, $2500+ married (fee may be more based on complexity)

This is a retirement distribution plan focusing on the details of cash flow (pension, Social Security, investment income, annuities versus living expenses), income taxes, and investment allocation in collaboration with the clients’ other advisors (CPA, investment manager) throughout the year.

Ala Carte Financial Planning - $250/hour

Ala Carte Financial Planning can address any or all of the following areas:

  • Cash Flow (budget or spending plan)
  • Debt Repayment – Freedom from Debt
  • Tax Reduction
  • Protection Planning (determining the appropriate type and amount of life, disability and long term care, and estate liquidity insurance)
  • Asset Allocation (based on risk tolerance, risk capacity, goals, time horizon, and any social/religious preferences)
  • Education Planning
  • Retirement Planning (including pension plan option analysis, when needed)
  • Special Purchase Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Giving & Legacy Planning
Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Financial Wellness in the Workplace is a unique offering to complement any existing wellness initiative, focusing on financial well-being. A person stressed due to financial concerns may incur any number of undesirable outcomes including sickness, accidents, reduced productivity, theft, fraud and so on.

The 8 week course is offered on site in one-hour sessions and includes a customized workbook that coordinates existing employee benefit programs (such as employer-sponsored life and disability insurance and retirement programs) with each employee’s unique goals, dreams, fears and resources.

Financial Wellness in the Workplace are priced individually.

I do not sell any investment or insurance products or services but can refer you to professionals in the industry from which products can be purchased, if needed. I am not looking to take the place of your investment, insurance, tax or legal professionals but to enhance the relationships you have with your advisors by clarifying your needs, goals, resources and commitment to making better decisions.

My commitment to you includes a promise to:

Act with integrity, honesty, and confidentiality.

Coordinate the efforts of all of your professional advisors, with your permission.

Follow up with you from time to time (as needed) to ensure you are on track or if your goals have changed.

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