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Saving marriages through financial planning.

We usually marry our opposite: Spenders marry savers, cautious people marry risk takers, optimists marry pessimists (or, as they prefer to be called, “realists”). Grow to understand how your differences complement each other and strengthen your marriage.

This is all very attractive at the beginning of a relationship because the spender’s fun-loving romanticism is appealing to the frugal, practical person. And that frugal practical person offers security, stability and safety to the spender.

But over time, your different perspectives tend to wear on the fabric of your marriage, and it makes it difficult to determine what you should do with your money, especially once you start avoiding financial conversations altogether.

Defining “enough” and “The Good Life” are the first steps to getting what you want out of life and will help you decide the role your money plays in your life.

Money troubles steal marital bliss.

The Financial Planning Process allows couples to define their values, priorities and life goals and work together to build the life they envision.

To sustain a marriage, each spouse must contribute time, attention, motivation and energy. The same is true of building financial security.

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